Sara Raza has been writing on contemporary art and ideas since 2002, and  has served as the long-standing West and Central Asia desk editor for ArtAsiaPacific magazine since 2004.  She has contributed long form essays for books, artist monographs, and written features and profiles for international art journals, and her exhibitions are always accompanied by scholarly bi-lingual art historical publications. Her writing has been translated in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Punk Orientalism_SRAZA COVER

Released  October 2022   Punk Orientalism: The Art of Rebellion explores the spaces and places associated with the former Soviet Union, focusing on artists and ideas hailing from Central Asia and its borders which were long perceived as an extension or clientstates of the USSR. The theme of non-conformitythe punkrejection of state authority is a continuous thread throughout the book, highlighting changing and divided societies and their evolving norms in the post-Soviet period.  Inspired by the titular concepts: punkand orientalism, the text functions as a form of bricolage, uniting punk movements and strategies, which can be traced in popular visual culture from the 1970s onwards. The idea of punk is coupled with a critical study of orientalism and its historical association with imperialist assumptions of knowledge. Punk Orientalism expands its association with the territory of the Near East, to look at the USSRs complex relationship with the Arab world, Iran and Turkey during and after the Cold War period.  Order https://www.blackdogonline.com/product/punk-orientalism/

2022: Humbolt Books/ 59th Venice Biennale Uzbekistan National Pavilion/  ‘Dixit Algorizmi: The Garden of Wisdom’ (contributing author). Hatje Cantz Verlag/ Hawai’i Contemporary  ‘Pacific Century – E Ho’omau no Moananuiākea Hawai’i Triennial 2022’ (contributing author).  59th Venice Biennale Saudi National Pavilion ‘Muhannad Shono: The Teaching Tree’ (contributing author).

2021:  Lakum ‘Ahmed Mater: Prognosis’ (catalogue author), ArtAsiaPacific‘For Freedoms/ AAPI,’ (review),  Steven Holl Architects ‘Cosmologies’ (commissioned essay), Silverlens Philippines ‘James Clar: Capitalist Time Vs Cosmological Time,’ (commissioner essay).

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